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Elisabed (Liziko) Kavtaradze was born to a family of a well-known Georgian federalist family of Kaikhosro Kavtaradze in 1905. She spent most of her life in this house.
Liziko Kavtaradze is the most well-known female Georgian dissident. She became the member of underground Marxist organization being still very young. In August 1928 she was detained in Sukhumi and sent to Metekhi prison. She occurred in the same cell where her father had served his sentence in the times of Tsarist Russia. Shortly after, she was deported to the village of Kolpashovo, Tomsk region, where she stayed in exile until 1936.
In 1940 Liziko Kavtaradze was arrested again and exiled to the so called “Alzhir” (Akmolinskiy Camp for Wives of Parricides.).
She spent 28 years in exile all together. In 1956 Liziko Kavtaradze returned to Tbilisi and was soon rehabilitated.
She died in 1988.  



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