Mikheil Lermontov St. #14

Alexandre Konstantine Morozov was born in 1887 in village Silvestrovo of Kalinin district to a peasant’s family. He became the Member of Communist Party in 1919; he was the head of division “a” of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of Georgia. During massive repressions in 1937-1938, Morozov carried out secretarial duties at the sessions of the so called “Troika”, an Extraordinary Commission at People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. All protocols of “Troika” sessions had been drawn up by him. In 1947 he was dismissed from service “due to old age”. In 1955 Morozov was deprived of the rank of the Colonel for “violation of Socialist legitimacy”. Morozov is buried in Tbilisi, in Kukia cemetery.

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