Presentation German-Georgian Digital Archive
10 Oct, 2018

The German-Georgian Digital Archive is a project made possible through special funds of the German Federal Foreign Office distributed by the German Embassy in Tbilisi and through the Goethe-Institut Georgien in 2017. It collects and documents sources of the 200-year-long relations between Germany and Georgia. It provides an open and constantly expanding virtual space for interested parties in Georgia and Germany: individuals, institutions and groups can use and contribute documents. All those interested can file materials from their family archives, document their individual point of view on the German-Georgian history (and its corresponding stories) and make them accessible to the public. In the years to come a documentary and audio-visual database will be created, which will support both revision and study of the common past. The commitment of all interested is supposed to record people’s traces and voices, whose experiences have traveled below the radar of official historiography across times. Through them the archive ought to develop into a continuously growing source catalogue.

Website presentation Speakers: Anna Margvelashvili (Soviet Past Research Laboratory, member of the board), Tamar Gurchiani Moderator: Barbara von Münchhausen, director/Goethe-Institut Georgien Organizers: Goethe-Institut Georgien in collaboration with SOVLAB (Soviet Past Research Laboratory/Georgia)