Topography of red terror - Kutaisi, Batumi
01 Feb, 2018

‘’Topography of Red Terror’’ is one the most important research and educational projects of Sovlab. Red Terror tours and guidebooks were prepared in Tbilisi and Telavi in 2010 and 2014, respectively. In 2018, with the help of DVV International Georgia, the project is now fulfilled in Batumi ad Kutaisi. The project aims to locate and map the precise sites in Batumi and Kuatisi which were related to Stalinism, terror and repressions and which the Soviet mass repressions are associated with. Local individuals who are interested in city histories, alternative city tours and Soviet history in general are also involved in the project.

The information acquired during the research will be part of the online platform for the Topography of Terror and guidebooks with maps will also be prepared as well as educational history tours for ordinary citizens.