Public Archive
01 Apr, 2012

The Public Archive,, has been working since 2010; this is an open electronic space with a collection of documentary and audio-visual materials depicting the country's latest history, most of which are from family archives as well as the oral stories recorded with the witnesses of the epoch in question. The Archive is an open-source online platform available for any interested individual as well as organization. The involvement of each participant enables us to revive and keep the numerous traces or ''voices'' of those who were left beyond the conventional historiography, intentionally or unintentionally. The Public Archive, as a memory database, is created right for this purpose and helps to thoroughly understand and study the past in more details. It strives to become a sort of an ''alternative'' for official state archives where often-times it is difficult for scholars to have access to and work on the archival documents due to increased bureaucracy and unaffordability.