Constituent Assembly of Georgia
01 Oct, 2013

An anthology of biographies of the members of the Constituent Assembly of Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) was prepared for publication in 2014 by Sovlab in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy, though the financial necessities far outweighed our organization's capabilities.

A fundraising campaing to publish the book kicked off in 2015. Various organizations and individuals made a huge contribution with the help of which (as well as a voluntary effort of the working group) we were able to eventually publish the anthology. This helped to revive in our contemporary public consciousness the very names of the members of the Constituent Assembly well after a centruy.

In 2017, with financial assistance of Open Society Georgia, we were able to start working on a process of converting all this informational database to a digital format and making it even more accessible by creating a constantly renewed platform whith the aim to write on significant topics from the history of Democratic Republic of Georgia and to have a new analytical and documentary platform for understanding and resonsidering this indispensable historical period.