Anna Margvelashvili

Anna Margvelashvili (1975) graduated from Ilya Chavchavadze Tbilisi Institute of Foreign Languages (1997), Tbilisi State University, Law Faculty (2003) specialization in Law, and did a Master’s Course in Law at Berlin Humboldt University with the degree of Master of Law (LLM).

In 1996-2000 she worked as an interpreter in the project Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit “The Development of the Private Sector of the Agriculture of Georgia”; in 2000-2003 she was working in a project of the same organization “Support to The Supreme Court of Georgia” as the project coordinator.

In 2005-2006 she was the assistant to the dean of Law Faculty at Tbilisi State University; in 2006-2010 she worked at the Center of Cultural Relations – The Caucasian House as a coordinator of the program on civil education and theme development in the regions of Georgia.

Since 2010 she has been the founder and member of board of Soviet Past Research Laboratory, and the coordinator of the project “Soviet Tbilisi”; since 2011 she has been the director of the Community Development Center.

Irakli Khvadagiani

From 2005-2009 Irakli Khvadagiani (1988) was a student of Tbilisi State University on the Faculty of Social and Political Studies specializing in journalism.

Since 2010 he has been studying on the Faculty of Doctoral and Master’s Programs at Ilya State University; specialty – The Caucasus in European and Global Context.

The spheres of his interests are: the latest history of the Caucasus, the 1920s; the Georgian Democratic Republic of 1918-21; the history of Caucasian emigration. In the future he plans to research the history of Georgian anti-Soviet movement and Georgian emigration in the 1920s.

Irakli Khvadagiani joined the activities of the organization during Soviet Past Research Laboratory project “Red Terror Topography” and has since taken active part in the research process. Since 2011 he has been member of board of Soviet Past Research Laboratory.

Giorgi Shaishmelashvili

Giorgi Shaishmelasvili (1984) graduated Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Journalism.

Today he is working at the Center of Cultural Relations – The Caucasian House and is member of board of this organization. He was involved in the activities of Soviet Past Research Laboratory from the very beginning as a researcher of the “Red Terror Topography” project.

He is one of the founders and members of board of Soviet Past Research Laboratory.

His spheres of interest are: the analysis and transformation of conflicts, nationalism, perception of the Soviet past, integration and protection of rights of ethnic and religious minorities.

Lasha Bakradze

Lasha Bakradze studied literary criticism and linguistics, a diploma in German studies (Tbilisi State University; Friedrich Schiller University, Jena); theology (University of Bern), political science (University of Potsdam). He started working on his dissertation thesis “Georgian-German Relations during World War I” at Humboldt University; he defended his dissertation at Tbilisi State University.
He is currently the professor of Ilya State University, where he lectures on the history of Soviet Union, and at the same time is the director of State Museum of Literature.

He is one of the founders of Soviet Past Research Laboratory and the member of board. He got involved in the activities of the laboratory from the very beginning as a researcher of “Red Terror Topography” project.

David Gogishvili

David Gogishvili (1988) is holding a MA degree in Human Geography at Tbilisi State University, where he also did bachelors degree in the same field. He is planning to take another Master’s course in Urban Geography and Geographic Information Systems.
Currently he is working at a non-governmental organization JumpStart Georgia ( previously known as Open Maps Caucasus) which is focused on developing public access digital maps, publicizing information, and simple and efficient sharing of the data in Georgia.

He has been actively involved in the activities of Soviet Past Research Laboratory since the very beginning and has carried out small research works within the frameworks of the "Red Terror Topography" project. He manages all web-related activities of organization and works on developing maps for various projects. He is the author of the historical route map (both Georgian and English) of "Red Terror Topography" project.

David Gogishvili is a founding member and current manager of the laboratory. Currently he is a project manager of "Virtual Platform: Rethinking the Soviet Past" project funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation.