Soviet Past Research Laboratory is working in currently developing its activities in four main directions, which are represented in the programmes below:


Research Program:
  1. Assistance in step-by-step study, documenting and publicizing Soviet archives existing in Georgia;
  2. Preparation of publications based on archive documentation with further presentation to the wide range of readers;
  3. Development and initiation of the possibilities concerning research and study of Soviet history. Adopting and implementing the knowledge and methodology gained in western countries and former Soviet area;
  4. To arouse interest and actively involve new staff in the study of the Soviet legacy and archive research.
Educational Program:
  1. Assistance in the perception of totalitarianism and its results in all the spheres of personal and social life;
  2. Adaptation and delivery of created products as a result of research work to the wide range of the society;
  3. Creation of the electronic library, as a component of the educational program.
Public Archive Program:
       Establishing an electronic archive accessible for the wide society, where unique audio-video materials and artifacts taken from the history of soviet Georgia will be collected;


Art – Program:
  1. Critical perception of the past and establishing democratic values in the society by means of art and cultural projects, as art assists in the projection and exchange of views among different social groups;
  2. Aiming at cultural variety to deliver social and political themes to the art area to reflect the social and historic transformation in modern creative conceptions and projects.