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Rehabilitation of victims - only on paper

Operation - Чечевица - 23.02.1944

The last journey of White Emissary in Batumi

Brave guard of Republic - Valodia Sulakvelidze

One person, one fate, mutual history

Case of burnt corpses

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Toroshelidze Malachia
1880-07-06 / 1937-07-10

Aleksi-Meskhishvili Giorgi
1896 / 1937-08-13

Bidzinashvili Akaki
1921-03-09 / 1960-06-30

Aphkhadze Varden

Aphkhadze Avtandil
1933-06-22 /

Tsverikmazashvili Simon
1898 / 1938-02-23
The 2017 is jointly celebrated by Georgia and Germany as a round anniversary in the history German-Georgian relations. 200 years ago, in 1817, the first German colonists arrived in Georgia, while the 2017 is a 25 anniversary (April 2017) since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Germany and launching of cooperation between Georgia and Germany in the development sphere.

Davit Davlianidze with Uwe Grüning in Weimar.
Photo album of unknown German (probably) boy - Adolf. which illustrate