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ТАУ - Soviet Artillery school in Tbilisi

The illusion to being out

The story of one Georgian family

South Ossethia - Red Vendée

Educational policy and minorities 1918-1921

fate of Soviet soldier

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Mchedlishvili Alexander
1905-02-28 / 1927-05-17

Okudjava Badri

Sikharulidze Ketevan
1997-08-22 /

Ivanov Theodos
1890 / 1938-03-02

Iremadze Irakli

Kapanadze Maria
The 2017 is jointly celebrated by Georgia and Germany as a round anniversary in the history German-Georgian relations. 200 years ago, in 1817, the first German colonists arrived in Georgia, while the 2017 is a 25 anniversary (April 2017) since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Germany and launching of cooperation between Georgia and Germany in the development sphere.

Davit Davlianidze with Uwe Grüning in Weimar.
Autobiography of Neli Amashukeli