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Operation - Чечевица - 23.02.1944

The last journey of White Emissary in Batumi

Brave guard of Republic - Valodia Sulakvelidze

One person, one fate, mutual history

Case of burnt corpses

Ioanis Pashalidis: voice and conscience of leftism

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Toroshelidze Malachia
1880-07-06 / 1937-07-10

Aleksi-Meskhishvili Giorgi
1896 / 1937-08-13

Bidzinashvili Akaki
1921-03-09 / 1960-06-30

Aphkhadze Varden

Aphkhadze Avtandil
1933-06-22 /

Tsverikmazashvili Simon
1898 / 1938-02-23
The 2017 is jointly celebrated by Georgia and Germany as a round anniversary in the history German-Georgian relations. 200 years ago, in 1817, the first German colonists arrived in Georgia, while the 2017 is a 25 anniversary (April 2017) since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Germany and launching of cooperation between Georgia and Germany in the development sphere.

Book of Alfred Nawrath - Im Reiche der Medea (Medea's kingdom).