Eroba - History of reform of self-government in Georgia
01 May, 2015

A project by Soviet Past Research Laboratory ‘’Eroba’’ - History of Self-governance Reforms in Georgia – 1918’’ was implemented in 2015-2017 with financial support of Open Society Georgia which was followed by the publication of an eponymous book. The book is about the Eroba reforms in 1918-1920 and the reader can learn the history of not only the specifics, geographies and the reforming process according to the Mazras (Regions) but also the discussions about the issue of self-governance from the mid 19th century up until 1918. The research clearly highlights the aspirations of Georgians for reforms of self-governance and the expectations for a suitable time and political circumstances for the country’s decentralization. Although the issue was met with a critical attitude from Czarist Russia, noted members of Georgia’s educated elite kept on working on the formation of public opinion and preparation of the society for self-governance.

We also plan to thoroughly study the issue of city self-governance and to publish the biographies of noted people engaged with the Eroba reforms.