Forbidden memory
01 May, 2016

The aim of the publishing series is to fill the historical ‘’blank spots’’ with the memory, stories and experience of the witnesses of this period. In 2018, the memoirs of an East-Georgian peasant named Mikheil Natroshvili were published within the series, the man was conscripted in 1941 for the WW2 where he was captured by the Germans and thus then exiled to Siberia by Soviet authorities for many years. His memoirs shares with us the fate that is one of those of hundreds of people who experienced similar sufferings. The memoirs of a Georgian political emigree Kristine (Badu) Todua-Tsulukidze are also planned to be published in 2018. The memoirs were written in 1950’s and 60’s in Berlin where the author lived and they include interesting details of the life in emigration, begun after Georgia’s Soviet occupation.

The program depends mostly on private funding and is carried out by Sovlab voluntarily.