Web-platform - First Republic
01 Jan, 2018

2018 marks the centennial of Democratic Republic of Georgia (‘’First Republic’’) and Sovlab, with the help of Open Society Foundation, created a special online platform – First Republic. The website includes the biography of every member of the Constituent Assembly, photo and documentary materials (from archives, family collections) as well as oral histories. There’s also information about the elections of the Constituent Assembly (the country’s main legislative body), its structure, functions, political parties and their histories, stenographic reports and the reference book for the republic’s laws.

The website also includes the exhibition about the Constituent Assembly prepared in 2014 while doing a research on the members of the Assembly. The exhibition chronologically illustrates the events that took place between 1921-1980.

Soviet Past Research Laboratory has been working on Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) for years. The organization published a book ‘’Constituent Assembly of Georgia, 1919’’ after having done a thorough research on the biographies of the members of the Constituent Assembly in 2014-2017. Sovlab also studied the ‘’Eroba’’ (self-governing administrative units) reforms of the First Republic and is now doing a research on city reforms.