Live Stories - Memories About Repressed Women

"Live Stories - Memories About Repressed Women" - the main characters of this documentary are women and their family members, who were directly affected by the soviet mass repressions taking place in Georgia. In the documentary stories are told by repressed women themselves and their family members.

The approximate figure that shows the number of victims of repression cannot express the graveness of terror and its scale that has affected each person. The generation that has undergone the Soviet terror is gradually vanishing. Along with that we are losing the memory of the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of people.

Stories are told by: Nino Kiguradze, Dimitri Javakhidze, Rashid Adjoian, Seda Adjoian, Yulya Tolikova, Leila Meskhi, Lia Khundadze.

Interviewers: Nino Bekishvili, Mariam Chachia, Irakli Khvadagiani.

Video Editing: Elene Asatiani

All the visual materials belong to Soviet Past Research Laboratory Public Archive -

The film was created within the framework of the project “Live Stories – Memories About Repressed Women” with the  financial support of Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (dvv international)

The opinions in the documentary might not express the position of donor, thus donor is not responsible