Conference: Remember For The Future

Soviet Past Research Laboratory has uploaded the video of the presentation that was made on the conference in bonn (December 12-13, 2011) Remember For The Future:The Role of Youth and Adult Education in Working with the Past and Reconciliation Processes.

The presentation reviews the current legislation in Georgia related to the dealing with the soviet period and the state approach towards the rethinking of the soviet past. The second part of the presentation is about SovLab and reviews its project contents as well as the future plans of the organization and the way it works with Georgian public.

One of the main organizers and sponsors of the event is the donor and the partner of SovLab - DVV International. The main topics that was discussed on the conference were: dealing with the past, researching the totalitarian history, reconciliation processes, adult education etc.

For the further information and the presentations as well as the photos of the conference, please go to the website of the conference:


SovLab - Georgian effort towards rethinking the past