Galaktion Tabidze St. #17

The house was built in the beginning of the XX century in the style of modernism. Sergei Miron Kirov, the first Ambassador of Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic to Georgian Democratic Republic was residing in this house in 1920. In 1921-1926, Grigol (Sergo) Konstantine Orjonikidze (1886-1937) also lived in the same house. He was born in village Ghoresha of Kharagauli district to a noble family. In 1901-1905 he studied in Mikhailov Hospital Medical School. He had been arrested and deported several times for his revolutionary activities. From 1917 he led military actions in South Russia and North Caucasus. Being the member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the 11th Army in 1920-21, he was actively involved in the process of Sovietization of Trasnscaucasian Republics. He was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner. From 1926 he held various government and party positions as the Chairperson of Central Control Commission, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Labour and Defense, from 1930 – the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of National Economy of the USSR; in 1932 he became the People’s Commissar of Heavy Industry. In 1934 - was awarded the Order of Lenin. On an official version, Orjonikidze committed suicide on 18 February, 1937.

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