Geronti Kikodze St. #11

This building was inhabited by high ranking Soviet Party officials after the establishment of the Soviet power.

In 1921-1941 here lived Philipe Esse Makharadze lived here. He was the chairman of the Georgian Revolutionary Committee in 1921; at different times he held various positions as the chairman of the Executive Council of Georgia, the chairman of Transcaucasian xecutive Committee, the chairman of Georgian Council of Peoples’ Commissars and other. Despite his successful   career of a party official, the terror of 1930s did affect him too.  In 1937 his son-in–law, Davit Dolidze (the principal of Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute) was arrested and executed; in 1938 his nephew shared the same fate.
Ivane (Mamia) Dimitri Orakhelashvili lived in the same house in 1921-1933. He was one of the leaders of the Red Army in Georgia; later he held various high positions in Georgian and Transcaucasian party and government organisations. In April 1937, Orakhelashvili was sent to Astrakhan and in December of the same year was detained there.
The Extraordinary Troika at the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs sentenced Orakhelashvili to death and arrested his wife, Maria Mikeladze-Orakhelashvili (1881-1937) who had been the party member since 1906 and the former People’s Commissioner of Education of Georgia. Before the detention she worked as a Head of the Department of Education of   Peoples’ Commissariat of Russian Soviet Federal Republic. In 1937 Maria Mikeladze-Orakhelashvili was also sentenced to death for counter-revolutionary activities. Famous Georgian conductor, Evgeni Mikeladze also lived in this house in 1932-1937. E. Mikeladze was the head of Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Theatre; he founded the Georgian State Symphony orchestra. E. Mikeladze was Mamia Orakhelashvili’s son –in- law, his daughter’s, Ketevan Orakhelashvili’s husband.
On 13 December, 1937 Evgeni Mikeladze was sentenced to be shot.
After his trial, Mamia Orakhelashvili’s daughter and Evgeni Mikeladze’s wife, Ketevan Orakhelashvili was arrested, who spent 17 years in exile.

Ilarion Ilarion Talakahadze, who in 1921 was appointed the Chairman of the Revolutionary Tribunal,  lived in the same house. In 1921-1922 he served as a Commissar of the Navy. In 1928-1931 he was the chairman of the Supreme Court. In 1937-1938, he worked as a prosecutor of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic,   the member of the Extraordinary “Troika” at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  A lot of people had been deprived of life on his ruling.


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