Pavle Ingorokva St. #20

A well-known Communist Party representative, Shalva Zurab Eliava lived in this house in 1924-1931.
Shalva Eliava joined the party in 1904; from 1919 he became the member of the Central Committee of   Russian Communist Party; he was the chairman of RSFSR (Russian Soviet Socialist Federal Republic) Council of Peoples’ Commissars and the head of the commission of All-Russian Executive Committee  for Turkestan Affairs. In 1920 he was a plenipotentiary representative of RSFSR in Turkey and Iran.  At the end of 1920 he was appointed the member of the Revolutionary-Military Council of the 11th Army.
In February 1921 Shalva Eliava was one of leaders to establish the Soviet Power in Georgia.
In 1921-1923 he was appointed as Peoples’ Commissar for Navy and Military in Georgian SSR. In 1923-1927 he served as the chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars; in 1927-1930 he is the chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic.
In 1931-1935 Shalva Eliava held the position of the Deputy People’s Commissar of Foreign Trade and from 1936   the Deputy   People’s Commissar of Light Industry of the USSR.
In May 1937 Eliava was arrested, charged with being the leader of the right wing counter-revolutionary organization. On 3 December, 1937, the Extraordinary “Troika” at the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs sentenced him to death and seized his private property.
Karp Spiridon Modebadze, who was a revolutionary and a Communist Party member, lived in the same house. Until his arrest he had worked as a deputy director of Tbilisi Department Store Industrial Complex. On 21 January, 1937 he was arrested by the Committee of Internal Affairs. Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced K. Modebadze to death, with seizure of private property.

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