Red Terror Topography

There are buildings, located in Tbilisi but unknown for the most part of the population, which used to house state institutions connected with Stalinist terror and repressions; buildings where victims of political repressions used to live and where they were arrested; buildings where notorious and unknown executioners used to live.
Soviet Past Research Laboratory offers interested people and groups thematic and educational excursions along the developed route.


Red Terror Topography Map

Those interested could contact us at: and on 593 78 05 68.


Against the backdrop, when practically no-one speaks in public about Soviet past and Stalinism in modern Georgia, we think it is important to study Stalin’s epoch scientifically, to re-think, evaluate and present to public the information about Stalinist terror and repressions.


The aim of the project is to find and map the places connected with Stalinism, terror and repressions, the places where repressions were planned, carried out or are associated with.


A route along the places discovered and chosen during the research will be charted on the modern map of Tbilisi with the accompanying information about each place. The map will be printed and distributed free of charge. Besides the short descriptions of the places, a separate detailed description will be prepared for the interested tour guides as a working document.


The English version of "Red Terror Topography" will be printed by the end of June 2011.