Aleksandre Griboedov St. #27

Tengiz Gigo Zhghenti (1887-1937) lived in this house in 1936-37. He was born in village Dabla Tsikhe of Ozurgeti district. He was the member of Russian Social Democratic Labor Party from 1903. He took part in 1905-1907 Revolutionary movement. He was arrested several times for conducting illegal activities. During the 1917 February Revolution he was in Iran where he was elected the Chairman of Workers’ and Soldier’s Council at the same time being the Caucasian Army Council Member. From 1918 he worked with Bolsheviks.

In 1919 he held the position of the Chairman of Odessa Governorate Committee and fought against Denikin. In 1919 he was the delegate of the third Communist International Congress. In 1920 he took part in the process of Sovietization of Azerbaijan. Upon his return to Tbilisi he was arrested and dismissed from the office following the agreement of 7 May 1920. After that he worked as a secretary of editorial office of “Komunisti” and then “Saqartvelos Komunisti” . In June 1920 he is arrested again. In March 1921 being   Batumi District Military Commissar  and a member of Batumi Revolutionary Committee, together with Giorgi Mazniashvili he took part in the repulsion of Turkish troops from Batumi. He was an active member of “national-deviationists”.

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