Dzmebi Zubalashvilebi St. #32


The Supreme Court of Georgia was built in 1894 by the design of a Polish architect Alexander Shimkevich. It was designated specially for the Court building from the beginning and the street was given the name of Court Street. After the Sovietization of Georgia – until 1926 the street was renamed into the Tribunal Street.
The Court has remained in this building since 1921; however, due to the fact that it had accommodated various other agencies, not only did the building lost its interior beauty, but the basic principles of jurisdiction had also been upset. Prosecutor’s office, judicial bodies and the court were functioning here side by side in adjoining rooms divided by thin partitions.
During Stalin’s repressions, it was the final court where formal trials of prisoners, who had been kept in isolation wards, took place. Most severe verdicts would frequently be delivered in convict’s absence.
In 1920-1930 four out of five court chairmen themselves became the victims of the great purge, while the fifth chairman, Ilarion Talakhadze remained high-ranking party official till the end of his life.

In 1973 the building was entirely returned to the Supreme Court. 


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