Geronti Kikodze St. #14

In the beginning of the XX century this house accommodated German Consulate. In the 20s – there was the Office of the Representative of People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR in Transcaucasia.

In 1934-36 Mate Ivane Skobelev lived in this house (1885-1937). He was born in Baku to the family of petroleum producer. He was the member of Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party from 1903. He organized the strike of Baku oil deposit workers’ in 1906. Fearing the expected arrest, Skobelev emigrated. He graduated from Vienna Polytechnic Institute. In 1910 he took part in the “Second International” Vienna Congress as a  Russian Social-Democratic  Workers’ Party delegate; as well as that, he was the deputy to the 4th State Duma, the representative of Russian population in Transcaucasia. In 1917 he was elected the Deputy Chairman of Petrograd Executive Committee. He held the position of the Minister of Labour of the Provisional Government. He attended Allied Negotiations in Paris as a Central Executive Committee delegate.
On 1 November, 1917 he was nominated for the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After the Bolshevik coup and the dispersion of State Duma, Skobelev left for Azerbaijan. In 1920, after the Sovietization of Azerbaijan he moved to Tbilisi and then went to Paris as an official  Trade Representative of Democratic Republic of Georgia. From 1921,   being the holder of   the Soviet passport,  Mate Skobelev starts active work for establishing trade relationships between the USSR and France. In 1922 he was enlisted in the ranks of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolshevik). From the same year he becomes the USSR trade representative in France and Belgium. In 1924 he works in ARCOS (All-Russian Co-operative Society) department in Paris. In 1925 he returned to the USSR and worked for People’s Commissariat of Foreign Trade   Agencies, the State Planning Commission and Radio Committee. In 1934 he was appointed the representative of the People’s Commissioner for the USSR Internal Affairs in Transcaucasia. In November 1937 he was arrested in Moscow charged with being the member of terrorist organization. On 29 July, 1938 the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced him to death. He was rehabilitated in 1965. 


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