Ivane Machabeli St. #13

Davit Sarajishvili, the first producer of Georgian cognac started the construction of the house in Sololaki in the beginning of the XX century. An architect Karl Zaar, who was invited from Berlin, built the house which was a mixture of Rococo, Baroque and Modernist styles. The woodwork in the interior was done by Ilia Mamatsashvili, a craftsman from Tiflis.

After Sarajishvili’s death, Akaki Khoshtaria famours Georgian public figure and a philantrophis became a new owner of the house. In 1921 the Revolutionary Committee made the property over to Georgian writers and art people. At this time Khoshtaria was in emigration. The Sarajishvili family underwent repressions posthumously – in 1939 Sarajishvili’s and his wife’s bodies were moved from Didube Pantheon to the remote part of Vake cemetery. Repressions also affected Georgian writers and their Union.

The printed press of those times was full of articles on “revolutionary vigilance”, “detection of spies” and various facts about the writers laying the blame on each other. On 22 July, 1937 Paolo Iashvili famous Geogian writer committed suicide in this building.

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