Mikheil Lermontov St #3

Simon Grigol Firumov (1889-1937) lived in this house in 1927-1936. He was born in Surmalin district of Erevan governorate. He studied Law at the Economic Department of Moscow State University. Parallel to studies he became the member of RSDWP (The Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party) Internationalist faction which served the reason for his deportation from Moscow in 1911. For a certain period of time he served in the army. In 1918 he was the member of Georgian “Parliament” and in the same period was exiled from Tiflis three times for anti-Menshevik activities. In 1920 he held various positions working for the Republic of Armenia.   In 1922-1925 he worked as a Trade Representative of Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic to Berlin and in 1925-27 as a Secretary of Plenipotentiary Representation of the USSR to Paris. Parallel to that, on the special assignment of Transcaucasian Regional Committee of RCP (B) (Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik), Firumov was actively engaged in the struggle   against expatriates conducting their activities in Europe. In 1925 he became the Soviet Communist Party (B) member. In 1927 he returned to the USSR and worked in the Transcaucasian State Planning Commission. In 1936 he was appointed the Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineering. Soon he was arrested by the officials of People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. In June 1937 he gave testimony in favour of the investigation. On 25 June, 1937 circuit session of Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced Firumov to death by shooting and the seizure of his private property charged with being the member of Trotskyite–Zinovievist wrecking, counter-revolutionary organization.


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