Paolo Iashvili St. #7

A famous Georgian poet and public figure Pavle Jibraili Iashvili lived in this building in 1921-1937.
Paolo Iashvili took active part in the activities of the Writers’ Union. Two magazines “Okros Verdzi” (“Golden Ram”) and “Tsisperi Khantsebi” (“Blue Horns”) were issued under his editorship in Kutaisi.
In 1927 P. Iashvili was nominated as a candidate for the Central Executive Committee membership of Georgia; in 1934 he was elected the member of Transcaucasian Central Executive Committee and the member of the board of Writers’ Union of the USSR. He was awarded with the Order of Labor of the Red Banner.
The campaign against “anti-party counter-revolutionary right wing Trotskyite centre” in 1936-1937 affected a certain group of writers as well. On 10 November, 1936 Paolo Iashvili was interrogated as a witness at the Peoples’ Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
In his report delivered on 15 May, 1937, the First Secretary of the Central Committee, Lavrenti Beria spoke about treacherous and dubious activities of “Blue Horn” members.

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