Pavle Ingorokva St. #22

The house was built in the second half of the XIX century. Initially it belonged to a certain Selikov.

Between 1892 and 1906 a Georgian noble boys’ school was located in this house. On 6 July 1906 (Old Style date) terrorists shoot a grenade and wounded the Tiflis police head. Because of this the troops raided the building, beat teachers and killed the school inspector Shio Chitadze. The building was occupied by law enforcement agencies.

Between 1918 and 1921 this building accommoda-ted the Ministry of Farming of Georgian Democratic republic. The Defense and Education minister of Georgian Democratic Republic lived in the same house.

From April 1922 the same building accommodated transcaucasian Emergency Commission. Between 1926 and 1934 both ministries stayed in this building as State Political Division. The rooms on the first floor were used as prison cells. The prisoners were tortured and shot in the basement. This building is the last exact address, where there were numerous people of different political, national or religious affiliation who became victims so far.


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