Shio Chitadze St. #5

A well-known Georgian bacteriologist, Giorgi Grigol Eliava lived in this house until 1937. He received medical education at the universities of Novorossiisk, Geneva and Moscow.

Tbilisi Bacteriological Institute of People’s Commissariat of Healthcare was founded on his initiative in Georgian SSR in 1923. Eliava chaired the Faculty of Hygiene at Tbilisi State University from 1927 and the Faculty of Microbiology from 1929. Under his guidance an Anti-plague station and an All-Union Bacteriophage scientific research institute were launched in Tbilisi in 1934 and 1936 respectively. Eliava was the first director of Bacteriophage. 
G. Eliava was arrested by People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs on 23 January, 1937. He was convicted of being engaged in intelligence and espionage activities for one of the foreign countries.
On July 9, 1937, Eliava and several others were sentenced to death by Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. He was executed on 10 July. 

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