Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani St. #3


In the beginning of the 1900s the Svanidze family lived in this house; sisters – Alexandra (Sashiko), Mariam (Mariko) and Ekaterine (Kato; 1882-1907)   ran Madam Hervey’s   Fashion House.  Their brother, Alexander Svanidze (1886-1942) brought his friend, Soso Jughashvili (Ioseb Stalin) to this house for his temporary abode in 1905, who soon married Kato Svanidze and in 1907 they had a son, Iacob. Kato died a few months later and the boy was raised by grandmother. He had almost no relationship with his father.
From 1920 Alexandre Svanidze held various high ranking positions in the state structures of the USSR. At different times he worked as a Deputy Head of Western Division of Peoples’ Commissariat of Internal Affairs, Commissioner for Education and Finances of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Trade Envoy of the USSR to Germany, Head of Currency Department of Peoples’ Commissariat for Finances and the member of Collegium. His last position was the Deputy Head of the USSR State Banking Department.   Alexander Svanidze was arrested in 1937 and executed in 1942 charged with espionage; his wife and Mariko Svanidze, who had been imprisoned since 1937, were also executed. Iacob Jughashvili was taken prisoner of war in 1941 and in 1943 he died in Sachsenhousen concentration camp.


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