Vakhtang Kotetishvili St. #7

The house was built in 1850-55 by the Kartvelishvili family. In 1919 Nino (Nusia) Delivska (Delivskaya) and Vakhtang Kotetishvili got the house as a wedding present from Nusia’s aunt – Nino Kartvelishvili

Vakhtang Kotetishvili was born in 1893 to Ilia Kotetishvili’s family, who was a priest. He studied at Tbilisi Theological Seminary. In 1922-14 he continued studies at Pedagogical Department at the Institute of Psycho- Neurology in   Petersburg.  In 1918 he graduated from historical-philological department of Derpt (present Tartu) University and started his pedagogical activities there.
At different times Vakhtang Kotetishvili taught and delivered lectures in schools and Tbilisi State University. He lectured on folklore, poetry, theory of sculpture, history, etc. 
He was an editor of a newspaper “Sitkhva Kartuli” (“Georgian Word”). He is one of the founders of Georgian folklore studies. In 1934 he published the first volume of “Folk Poetry”. Apart from that, he was a literary scholar, critic, sculptor and art critic. 
On 5 November, 1937 he was arrested and sentenced to death in 1938. However, his house had not been seized and his children – Leila and Vakhushti Kotetishvili were raised there. 
During the Tbilisi civil war in 1991 the house was burnt down. By now it has been restored and the descendents of the Kotetishvili family still live here. 


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